Wanted to document what I’m learning and doing for Cloud/DevOps, plus share resources I’m using. I used these 2 DevOps roadmaps from Tech With Nana and DevOps Journey to come up with this study guide/personal roadmap for Cloud/DevOps Engineers.

I will try keep this table updated, but make sure to check out this YouTube playlist just in case.

(Note: the last 3 rows are optional but good to know.)

What to learn Where to learn it
Cloud provider: AWS For the AWS Cloud Practitioner + Solutions Architect exams, read my guide to get certified. Other resources: AWS Docs + Guides, AWS Basics for Beginners, Practical guide to AWS - GitHub, AWS FAQs, AWS Glossary, Intro to AWS, AWS VPC Core Concepts in an Analogy and Guide, AWS Certification Exams Learning Path
Operating system: Linux Read my Linux + Bash notes, Joe Collins YouTube, ** Linux for Beginners, ** Linux Basics for Hackers, Linux Crash Course, Free 3 hour course - Bash Script, Bash Command Tutorial, SSH Crash Course
Source control/versioning: Git/GitHub Learn Git in 15 mins, Learn Git Now, Git and GitHub Crash Course, Mastering Markdown, Git Cheat Sheet
Infrastructure provisioning: Terraform Terraform in 15 mins, Terraform in 2 hours, Terraform Beginner to Pro - Warp 9 (Paid Course), Getting Started with Terraform on AWS, Intro to Terraform, Terraform Docs
Containerization: Docker Docker for beginners - Full Course in 3 hours, From Docker to Deployment, Docker for Everyone in 2 Hours, Beginner’s Guide to Understanding and Building Docker Images, Anatomy of a Dockerfile, Docker Docs
Container orchestration: Kubernetes Learn Kubernetes Now, Kubernetes for beginners, Just enough Kubernetes to be dangerous - Udemy, Kubernetes Docs and Training
Configuration management: Ansible Ansible Tutorial for Beginners, Learn Ansible - series, Ansible Docs, YAML Syntax for Ansible (See Other for more YAML)
Monitoring + log management: Prometheus and Grafana Monitoring using Prometheus and Grafana, Documentation
Scripting language: Python Learn Python in 1 Hour, Python Tutorial for Beginners, Learn Python in 4 Hours, Explore Python on AWS, Python Handbook, Python Docs
CI/CD: GitLab Gitlab on Udemy, GitLab Docs, or GitHub Actions CI/CD, AWS DevOps CI/CD - CodePipeline, Elastic Beanstalk, Mocha
Networking + Security Intro to DevOps Bootcamp - Networking and Security, Cloud Security and DevOps Cheat Sheet, AWS Networking Fundamentals, Implement AWS Security Best Practices, AWS Well-Architected Security: Best Practices and Guidance
DevOps Courses Beginner’s Guide to Containers and Orchestration - Udemy, DevOps - The Introduction Course - Udemy, DevOps Basics for the Absolute Beginner - Udemy, DevOps Crash Course
Database: SQL Learn SQL in 60 minutes, ** Learn SQL using MySQL in a day, SQL Quick Guide
Other JSON, YAML tutorial and Learn YAML in 18mins, Agile and Scrum - Jira for beginners, APIs - APIs for beginners, Make your own API - super simple, APIs Cheat Sheet
Code editor: Visual Studio Code Complete Guide to Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio Code Crash Course, VSC Resources

Looking for more tools and resources not listed? Check out 90 DevOps Tools and Automation Step by Step.

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